Ca-Fi’s Dashlinq is announced for January

Focused on the upcoming technology trends of the automobile industry,
Ca-Fi® starts its new car infotainment line called Dashlinq.

According to leading car-industry experts, 2013 is the expected year of changes for the entertainment section of the automobile industry. Consequently the simple car stereos of the 90ties will be finely replaced by a driver assistant system, in the form of a driver’s “copilot” assisting the driver with features such as parking assistant, navigation, alarms, hands-free telephony, entertainment and information guides.

Ca-Fi’s Dashlinq is a complete new line and aligns the advantages of an Android™ based car infotainment system with the strength of high-end car stereo systems of the past.

Same as Ca-Fi’s predecessor systems, the Dashlinq line is headed by a 2Din universal system, but it comes with a larger 6.95 inch multi touch screen and enables zoom in maps and enlarges pictures and text only by spreading the fingers on the screen. True to the motto ‘less is more’ Ca-Fi® made another cosmetic change by reducing the control buttons. Beside the ‘eject’ button for the optical drive, Ca-Fi® is following the standards of Android™ devices, with ‘home’, ‘menu’, ‘back, ‘volume’ and the ‘power’ button. In addition to that, a full support of the steering wheel control keys keeps the usual comfort for the drivers.

Equipped with an extra digital signal processor

As the only Android™ based car stereo system in its class, the entertainment system is powered by an extra digital signal processor (DSP) for an optimal sound and video experience. Ports for additional monitors and cameras can be found at the backside as same as the ports for subwoofer and speakers. The SD card slot on the front panel provides space for up to 32GB storage for maps, media files and apps.

The Dashlinq line starts with a retail price of Euro 499, – for the universal version, and with this price level Ca-Fi® will reach a greater public and will expand its position in a new automobile trend on the aftermarket.

Home, Menu, Back… Focused on the key function of a modern car infotainment system. Picture: Ca-Fi’s Dashlinq suitable for Volkswagen


TECH SPECS Ca-Fi® Dashlinq 2Din universal:

• OS: Android™ Ver.: 2.3.4
• 6.95” Digital Touch Screen, 16:9 aspect, 800*480pixel
• CPU: Freescale iMX51
• Bluetooth free hands telephony& music streeming
• Steering wheel control support
• Digital Sound Processor
• Dual Zone Support
• Radio Tuner
• 9 Band EQ setting
• Connect with Internet via 3G or Wi-Fi (optional)
• GPS navigation
• AM/FM Tuner: FM/AM/MPX/ Stereo Receiver
• Audio output amplifier: 4*45W Max
• Built in SD reader (up to 32GB)
• Button back-up light color: Green or Red
• Anti-shock mechanism (ESP)




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23 Responses to Ca-Fi’s Dashlinq is announced for January

  1. Ayinde Butler says:

    Is the Dashlinq also a capicitive Screen?

  2. Gp says:

    Are you releasing a VW USA model soon. If so when? Awesome product! Thanks

  3. vqlive says:

    the dashling Universal is this android 4.1 ? or other, when will the price be available and when is unit available for sale Im looking to be dealer

  4. chorritos says:

    Good afternoon.
    My question is if you have already gone on sale, the model Dashlinq, and where I can find the price and features of this model.

    Thanks, greetings.

    • Support Team says:

      @Chorritos: The Ca-Fi Dashlinq will go on sale on Monday with customized units following.

      • MasterPrenium says:

        Wonderful !
        I saw your partner network, but the’re not a lot in western Europe, Would you be interested in a French distributor ? My company would be interested in distributing your products

  5. James says:

    Any more news on this, January is well under way now…

  6. Matt says:

    Can’t wait to order! When is the official release date?

  7. Joao Jardim says:

    Will there be a Opel/Vauxhall corsa D version?
    Really interested!

    • Support Team says:

      @ Joao: For a Opel/Vauxhall I have no information yet – sorry. Will keep you informed.

      • Joao Jardim says:

        Thanks, I really apreciate!
        An Opel/vauxhall model would be great, I said Corsa, but it is compatible with a lot of other models (Astra, Zafira, Meriva, Vectra, Antara, etc). All the same format and even conections!

  8. MasterPrenium says:

    When will this device released ? Especially VW model ?
    What is the complete hardware specs of this device ? Processor / RAM / GPS processor/ … ?
    Will it stil supports external Microphone ?

  9. Scott says:

    What is the timeline for US availability for the universal unit? Please also provide pricing and if there will be any distribution or if purchase will only be through the Ca-Fi store.

  10. Juan Pablo Soto says:

    Also, from the pictures I can see two different color for the backlit buttons. Is it possible to customize them?

    • Support Team says:

      @ Juan: These are pictures made with our demo units. The universal unit has blue illumination and the customized units which will be released later have red and green illumination.

  11. Juan Pablo Soto says:

    Hey, is it possible to get the full tech specs? I’d like to see a benchmark with Dynavin’s E99 for BMW E46. World princing too, please. I’m very insterested in your product!

  12. Thomas Lundershausen says:

    And the next Car Infotainment System with a three year old and slow processor. Volkswagen will integrate a quad core Tegra 3 CPU in next car System. But lets wait for first video in action … has the unit 4v pre out to connect external amplifiers ?

  13. Roland Stone says:

    I’m missing something here. Seems to me like I can already do all this stuff from my Android phone in a dashboard dock. And the phone does something this doesn’t – it streams music from the cloudover 4G/LTE. And without paying a new fee to my carrier. Sure I could use this unit’s bluetooth to stream music from my phone, or tether it to my phone with wifi, but why?

    • Tom says:

      You compare a car stereo with a cellphone… Ok, they have much in common but there are also many differences. Why don’t compare it to another car stereo? Can your phone provide 4 x 45 W music output, has your phone a nice 7 inch screen? In addition you need to get a dashboard dock installed. For sure everybody needs to decide what suits best but if you get used to such a unit you never want to go back again.

  14. ek says:

    Will there be a BMW E46 version?