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This firmware is configured for Bluetooth version < 20140829 and without Can-Bus *4.

For instructions how to change the Bluetooth version and how to configure Can-Bus (if needed) please visit our support forum.

Please check your hardware configuration SETTINGS > ABOUT DEVICE > BLUETOOTH MODUL VERSION before downloading.


Firmware below is for Dashlinq4 with bluetooth module version <20140829 only!


CAN-BUS INFO: For Firmware with Can-Bus support, please contact our support team!


*4 Change log March 18 2015

  • Minor bug fixes
  • General improvements 
  • DVR support (beta)


*3 Change log January 07 2015:

  • Fixed duplicated app icon on the app page
  • Third party app icon does not show up on the app page
  • Music playback from SD/USB fluency enhancement
  • WIFI hot spot memory
  • Optimized the brightness
  • Add larger screen compatibility
  • DVR support (alpha)


*2 Change log September 12 2014:

  • Cache increased 
  • Added shortcut to turn off the screen
  • Saving the volume level  


*1 Change log June 27 2014:

  • Fixed the Carhome crash issue.
  • Changed the download path from the cache to SD card


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