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What's in the box:
GPS tracker*1
OBD2 Interface*1
User manual*1
Quick installation instruction:
1. Plug in the full size SIM into the SIM slot, chip face up, and clipped corner to the right (SIM should have call functionality with data and SMS and GPRS function enabled).
2. When the SIM is inserted, a green light will flash for a couple of seconds.
3. Call the device SIM number and it should ring without answer.
4. Set the APN by sending the SMS: *apn*AXXX*BXXX*CXXX - AXXX – the apn for the SIM; BXXX – user name for the APN, if required; CXXX – password for the APN, if required.
5. Register the “Master’” Controller number by sending SMS to the device: *master*123456*+XX{mobile number}*  (XX, for example, Germany is 49).




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